Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Xpress delivery

The Hilsen is getting some new sneakers to try out. Just took delivery of the Soma Xpress tires yesterday and plan on mounting them this weekend. After the Hetres fiasco okay I know I'm being melodramatic, after the Hetres failure I wanted a tire between the Schwalbe Marathon and the Hetre a plush ride with a bit more puncture protection but really I miss the low rolling resistance. Soma state's to use HyperTex a synthetic weave casing with the added benefit of pinch flat protection which sounds all well and good, we'll see about that. No plans on taking them on serious MTB trails. Since I'll be building the Atlantis soon and plan on using it for more severe off road duty the Hilsen will serve as Rivendell designed a  light tour, gravel and pavement country bike . Though if I want a light weight camping rig then Homer can be pressed into duty running the Force Field Fatty Rumpkins If I'm over this pre-winter cold hopefully this weekend I'll get a ride in and can give some initial feedback.
Keep the rubber on the road      -Hugh


  1. With the Atlantis aimed at the rugged side of riding, what tires will it get?


  2. The Atlantis will run for now primarily Big Ben's and for the really rough stuff still looking, I like Panracer they make some nice MTB tires maybe something like the Driver Pro?