Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End Of The Year Sunrise Coffee & Tea Club

*Okay the heading is a misnomer no actual coffee brewed more of a continuity detail. 

Pulled my Carcass out of bed this morning at 6am did some yoga and bicycled down to Hansen Dam Regional Park to catch a Sunrise. I've been meaning to join the Sunrise Coffee & Tea Club and figured being the last day of 2013 what better way to close out the year and bring in the new.

Temperature low 40's.

Apparently Chris "Coco" Chen from the RBW list-serve (Rivendell Bicycle Works Owners Bunch) started this informal club up in PDX (Portland, Oregon). I've been admiring the PDX groups commitment especially in light of how cold and damp it is up there in the Winter.  I've got no excuse for not getting out and enjoying a Sunrise of my own here In Southern California. 

Quite moment and reflection.

Here come's the sun.

Brewing some Black tea.

Shadow Selfie

This year I received my AHH in January enjoyed every moment on it, met a bunch of great RBW list folks and been party to some fantastic rides. Looking forward to an S240 (overnight bike camping) a month (S240 a Month Club)? So long 2013 hello 2014 and all the wonderful people, places and experiences to come.  

Thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down.



  1. I love the blog, Hugh, and am a huge proponent of hot sunrise beverage brew-ups.

    That whole s24o-a-month thing is really tempting. Historically, I seek opportunities in January and February, but never push it. Since I'm ill-equipped to hammock camp in cooler air, I'm going to need to think about this more.

  2. Chris, thanks I have always enjoyed your blog writings and truth be told have inspired me to do the same. Since I work and can't get out for long term tours the one a month S240 club will I hope satisfy my craving for bicycling and camping.

  3. I love watching the dawn break from darkness about AM today (from inside the house). What glorious weather to enjoy a cup of hot something! I've been starting with hot water, lemon squeezed in and adding orange blossom honey. Tastes better than bitter coffee. I'll have to try another cup of your light tea when you're in San Diego Friday.
    Wishing you and Irene a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014.
    Love, Dad

  4. Dig it, Hugh. It being the glimpses of The Southland, the green Homer, the blog, all of it. Was great to make your virtual acquaintance this year. Perhaps our paths will cross for reals in 2014.

  5. Hey Andy Thanks! The images of PDX and surrounding keep me primed to get up there...I'm sure our paths will cross in 14 perhaps more than once.


  6. Thanks for sharing your start to the day. The AM light is great for photos. "Sunrise Coffee & Tea" does have a nice ring to it.


  7. Yeah! I like the idea of the S24O a month club. I'm tempted as well, but the whole winter camping thing always got me. Now that I've been "de-virginized", well, not such a big deal. I make no promises, though.

  8. It's a noble endeavor especially for mental health and re-connection to earth but I too make no promises. Though very doable down here.