Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Love Affair is over!

Grand Bois Hetres.
 Went for a sunset ride up Haines Canyon which was a great climb and watched the Sun set over Los Angeles. While rolling fast down hill I heard an ugly sound not just your everyday flat but a major blow out! I was about a  half mile from home and decided to hoof it home. Pulled the rear wheel off the bike to inspect and I found what I expected. I'll really miss these tires as they rolled fast and cornered really well but they just don't hold up to the type of trails I ride. The search continues for a fast but slash resistant tire. 

Here's the Sunset from earlier.


  1. Ouch, no es bueno! Hetres have a pretty good reputation for longevity and flat resistance, so maybe it was just some inevitable road debris that would have blown out anything? I mean you can go to Marathons, but they are nowhere near pleasant to ride. B-Lines maybe?

  2. What about booting it and riding it?

  3. I had a sidewall blowout on my Grand Bois Lierres. I won't be buying those again.