Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm Hugh and this blog is meant to share my reflections from the saddle of a bicycle and the wrenching on them.  I'll be documenting my Rivendell Atlantis restoration project. The Atlantis will principally be for full loaded touring and overnight off road bike camping aka an S240. First here are the bicycles I've most recently ridden which illustrates the distance I've figuratively traveled.

 Mid 1990's Pinarello Montello steel lugged red with a bunch of Chrome.

I still think this bike is gorgeous, rolling art...problem was I could never get comfortable on it. I later sold it to an artist in Arizona . he was pretty happy.

                                                      Cervelo R3
In 2009 I was convinced that what I needed was to be on a carbon race bike so I could go fast.When they build these bikes up they cut the steer tube and then your stuck with a limited rise stem.

The frame developed hairline cracks at the bottom bracket and Cervelo replaced the frame with this black 2012 model but I realized that carbon as fantastic as it may be is disposable. I have to credit my Brother Bruce with pushing me to make the leap to sell it and make the leap backwards to steel.
I had been looking at Rivendell for sometime and figured I'd get one of their bikes in the future perhaps in retirement (hey that's where my head was) but made the decision not to wait no time like the present. So next I'll post a picture my current ride and of the Atlantis as I received it. Stay tuned.

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