Friday, February 28, 2014

Current Status

I had hoped to get an S240 in this February but Mother Nature had other plans for me. I've heard biblical proportions and I suppose here in the South land it feels that way. The National Weather Service issued a Hazardous weather warning with possible flash flooding and mud slides inland, nothing to laugh about and definitely not the kind of weather you should be camping in no matter how prepared you think you are.

A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr
So I was forced to pause, relax and enjoy the soothing rain outside steeds were dry.

A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr
I called the Ojai  bike overnight camp trip off early Thursday. Ever since the gloomy weather forecast popped up some ten days ago I've been scheming . So my back up plan was to ride about five miles up Big Tujunga Canyon Road and make a stealth camp around Doske Road in or near the remnant foundation of an old homestead, which is on high ground. I figured I'd wait for a break in the deluge and hustle up Big T make camp and hunker down inside my two person tent with book, radio, letter writing materiel and sandwich. Unfortunately, the break never manifested and instead I puttered around the house waiting for my Atlantis frame to be delivered from the painter. Lots of interesting stuff there but for another post. 

So stuck indoors I got to thinking about what these hardy folk up North do in heavy they just say what ever, ride get wet and deal with the soggy discomfort? On heavy down pours do they sequester themselves indoors? Instead of riding their bikes walk on errands?  Do they meticulously wipe their bikes down or just do a quick wipe and walk away, living with the fact that the frame and parts will get some rust and pitting...what's amusing about all these questions running through my head is that in my youth I lived in a wet climate which I recall just trowing on a rain coat and going head long into the wet environment. I just didn't have a nice shinny Rivendell. My answer is that in time beausage will develop and perhaps I'll be a bit more caviler.

Back to the storm...still heavy biblical rain...

And now that the S240 a month club is officially done for 2014 I can honesty say I'm okay with that. I've got lots of responsibilities that need tending to, so if there was any pressure it has now evaporated. Now I'm looking with anticipation to March for the Redland Strada Rossa ride March 15th and the following weekend March 22nd and 23rd Andy Smitty Schmidt from PDX is visiting with a S240 in Joshua Tree planned. 

A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr

The unpacking
A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr

Exactly the right color
A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr

A photograph by Socalpedalpusher on Flickr
Just so you all know I love the rain...lots of green coming and the reservoirs are filling up a tad.

More photographs on Flickr here

Thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down.


  1. Everything is indeed turning up green!!!

  2. It is good to have earth nourishing moisture, but I'm hoping for no dangerous mudslides, and sorry about the S24O timing conflict.

    But wow...doesn't your month of March look good?! And that Atlantis is beautiful! The color appears similar to my Hilsen, but maybe a little lighter, or less drab...fantastic!

    1. Thanks Chris, yes the moisture is way over due. And March is shaping up nicely. Your Hilsen color is what I was after. Good eye, it is just a bit lighter now to the build.

  3. The Atlantis is stunning. True bicycle eye candy. Here's to virtual February. Upgraded Boulder All Road to Hetre Extra Leger and am hoping to get out tomorrow between squalls. New tires. Routing internal wiring for dynamo. Rainy day today wrenching in the garage with the Chorkie, Louie, resting in his bed nearby. Waterproof dog, but he sure doesn't like rain. Bed is wale basket lined with blanket so I am hoping to introduce him to riding. Take care and stay dry.